We had the Missionary Elders for supper about the other day now I guess. I really like to secure them and I love to serve them things which are an important different than they might enter other's homes. I never cook a roast dinner for them. I figure they get thus them, and I am aware they may be greateful for each meal they get, but I love to treat the crooks to something a bit different such as these Sweet and Sour Meatballs Recipe with Ketchup and Brown Sugar, which I've got to explain to you, occurred a proper treat!

I make my meatballs with both minced pork and beef and combining seasonings, egg, milk and dry bread crumbs. Your could employ instant gluten free oats in lieu of bread crumbs this sort of gluten intolerant to have a gluten free dish.


Sweet and Sour Meatballs Recipe with Ketchup and Brown Sugar

To enable dinner not to acquire ignored in my very hectic life, I love to create an evening meal menu for the week on Sundays. Sometimes When i follow it, we occassionally end up receiving more leftovers than I anticipated and will skip the main things while in the menu plan - and sometimes our days just spin out of control and dinner is whatever I will create super fast with whatever is in my kitchen. While these meatballs aren't on this week's menu, we feasted built in last week.

I had decided that I became going to make some sweet and sour meatballs nevertheless there is a recipe for the kids that Levi LOVES! With the knowledge that my two cuties do not like the sweet and sour meatballs I normally make, I made a decision to acquire two pots of sauce looking for the meatballs - one with traditional Italian style sauce plus the other with all the sweet and sour sauce.

However started work about the Italian style sauce and poured some tomato sauce into a little pot and added some spices. Then i started work in my small sweet and sour sauce and sauteed an onion then opened a can of cranberry sauce and added it to the pot. I thought this was when I discovered that the recipe I normally use needs a lot of ketchup - except all I had was one tiny little bottle of ketchup which had been almost empty - not nearly enough. (I love ketchup - no idea how we're on empty with this staple!)

However discovered that I didnrrrt have plenty of tomato sauce to make the Italian style meatballs for everyone - but however didn't have a principal ingredient to the sweet and sour meatballs - that is certainly when I made a decision to mix the two.

I emptied the pot of tomato sauce, which was seasoned with oregano and garlic and mixed it in the cranberry sauce with onions. Then i finished it well the actual addition of the rest of the ingredients needed to the sweet and sour sauce. However rolled the meatballs and dropped them in the boiling sauce - then waited for lunch to taste my experiment - I became thrilled to find that my new creation was amazing!

Sooo..here's the recipe to the meatballs in sweet and sour sauce!